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Jacqueline Heerema (The Hague, 1958) was educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in the tradition of Joop Beljon, at a time when artists valued the essence of the city with its buildings and squares as a stage for arts. Since then much has changed and yet nothing. Heerema considers art as the whole of concept, realization and presentation. As a pioneer she creates the necessity for a project, she initiates stages and areas of research, presentations and seeks partnerships in the arts and beyond, and means to make this possible. Heerema considers the field of art as a conceptual sanctuary. This gives the artist also a great responsibility. It requires a critical, inquisitive, understandable and nonconformistic attitude and commitment to the arts itself.
Art creates space, mental and physical space. Art is not adaptable. Pitfalls are the policies and politics, the expectation of art to solve social problems or art as 'the wallpaper of the city'. Her fascination and engagement are much more concerned with the development of 'art as object' to 'art and context' and 'art and audience' and exploring the arts as more fluid instead of solidified (institutionalized) culture.
Heerema profiles herself as a conceptual artist and urban curator and is often ahead of artpolicy. Some of her projects are the Art Cycling Route WINDMEE between Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland and The Hague vice versa (2002-2006), a physical and mental displacement in cultural history, ethnology and contemporary art projects, Museum Oostwijk (2002-2009), where a residential area of Vlaardingen was transformed by Heerema into a museum and the roles of museum and public were reversed, and The Room of Marvels of Zoetermeer (2008-2009) where a collection brought together by inhabitants became subject of research into the significance of this collection for the museum, residents and the city.
Co-founder and curator of artists' initiative Satellietgroep (from 2006).

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Satellietgroep: Sea Magazines S.MAG1 (2007) and S.MAG2 (2008)

Catalogue Museum Oostwijk (2009)

Catelogue '4289' - De Wonderkamer van Zoetermeer - The Room of Marvels (2009)

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